Tectonic shifts are following on to each other quickly in Europe, the dinosaurs of Eurassic park are nervously running around! Greece, refugee crisis, Brexit and Dutch narrow escape from extreme right political take over. What is all happening? If you read the news headlines you would tend to believe it’s the political system going crazy and the spotlight is on the roaring dino’s even worldwide outside our cozy park: Trump, Kim Jong-un, need I say more?

This blog is about business model innovation and disruption in the delivery of collaborative Supply Chain Management processes. The story starts in the Adelphi theatre in London that’s hosting the musical: Kinky Boots. People that know me a bit will not be surprised that I would normally avoid musicals, especially if they are about middle aged man dressing up like their mom. I couldn’t have been more wrong! We were out with the Quyntess Team in London and had decided together to see this typical British musical together.

I wanted to see with my own eyes how one of our customers manages to run 600 pallets per DAY through a subcontractor operation for repacking customer critical orders with a buffer of less than 1 hour. 

While cruising over the slopes of the Sella Massive in Italy last week I frequently checked the daily performance at night. The covered distance, height differences, average speed, max speed and locations we had visited were all available in the form of a nicely graphed online interface based on the unique id of our ski passes.

Het kabinet heeft met het bedrijfsleven afgesproken dat per 1 januari 2017 alle leveranciers van de Rijksoverheid bij nieuwe inkoopovereenkomsten hun factuur elektronisch moeten indienen. De Rijksoverheid zal voortrekkersrol vervullen om e-factureren in Nederland definitief op de kaart te zetten en te zorgen dat bedrijven en medeoverheden versneld op e-factureren overgaan.

How can you visualize the impact of perfect planning and execution? This video from OK Go is about the most awesome music video I have seen. In just 4 seconds these guys execute such a perfect process that is so extremely complicated with plenty of dependencies that you are left really puzzled how they could accomplish this.