"I'm all excited because today we're gonna get Daddy's new car," so muses young Brian over breakfast. Obviously he doesn't realize all the logistics planning required to get the stylish SUV delivered on time to the Mobile, Alabama, dealership of his father's favorite make – and it should stay like that.

The German language has a notable capability to convey strong meaning in a single word, which is not always easy to transpose to English without losing part of the connotations the word carries in German. My favorite online translation service gives words as consistent, coherent and uniform. I trust that helps to get the idea for non-German readers. 

Can you take advantage of Jan Romein's Law of the Handicap of a Head start?

As companies find it difficult to interface to all their supply chain partners in a world of outsourcing and co-manufacturing, the laggards may overtake the leaders. How the Internet of Things enables a paradigm shift in supply chain collaboration and how you can use this to your benefit.

What is the last time you read a manual for LinkedIN? End user training and application manuals are a declaration of defeat for your supply chain collaboration initiative.

They are done ripping me off...No longer hostage of my Hosted Integration Service provider

Is your company using EDI style data exchange with your business partners for collaboration or are you experiencing slow adoption of electronic collaboration as a business user? Then this blog probably concerns you. Your Supply Chain Manager obtained agility, flexibility and reduced dependency from internal IT availability by working with hosted integration broker services and that unleashed the monster. Monsters are slow, cause problems....Is this still the right strategy for your supply chain?

I might be kicking in an open door when I say that Supplier Collaboration is a key component in many Supply Chain Management projects, but on the other hand it is ooh so true.