Quyntess BV is partner van S@les in de Bouw sinds 2010 en biedt S@les deelnemers de mogelijkheid om het gebruik van electronische samenwerking verder uit te breiden op het moment dat 1:1 communicatie met partners m.b.v. de S@les standaarden niet mogelijk is. Denk hierbij aan:

  • Het aansluiten van ERP sytemen bij aannemers die de S@les EDI standaarden niet ondersteunen;
  • Het koppelen met dat deel van de leveranciers dat niet met S@ales berichtenstandaarden kan of wil werken;
  • Het aansluiten van partijen die deels “branchevreemd” zijn zoals logistiek dienstverleners en corporaties.

De EVO (Europese Verladers Organisatie) heeft in samenwerking met TNO een inventarisatie gemaakt van projecten op het gebied van ketenlogistiek en deze gebundeld in een boek: Logistiek tussen de Bedrijven door. Het compacte boek gaat in een aantal hoofdstukken in op vragen als: Samenwerken met wie? Samenwerken op welk vlak? En geleerde lessen.

 De basis van dit nieuwe spelsysteem: de gaten tussen de linies overbruggen met informatie.

Op 22 Juni zal in het PSV stadion in Eindhoven de praktijkdag  van S@les in de Bouw gehouden worden. S@les in de Bouw is een initiatief om electronisch berichtenverkeer in de bouw- en toeleverende industrie te bevorderen op basis van standaarden voor gegevensuitwisseling. Quyntess is specialist in operationele en tactische samenwerking in logisitieke ketens op het gebied van processen die tussen bedrijven plaatsvinden.

Supplier Network Collaboration: Companies that have implemented what is commonly referred to as a  “supplier portal” or “procure to pay process” have mainly relied on so-called best of breed software solutions and potentially some dedicated EDI connections to their business partners. Today SAP offers customers that use the SAP ERP system a viable alternative with SNC version 7. This module now has a functional footprint that matches and partially extends the existing  “best of breed” products and has the inherent advantages of integration with the other parts of the SAP stack. Quyntess supply chain experts has extensive experience in supply chain collaboration projects in different industries. With 10 years of experience in collaborative supply chain solutions for procure to pay, order to cash and logistic processes we have specific and relevant experience in successful customer projects. Many of our customers use SAP as their ERP system. Quyntess has decided to invest in training experienced supply chain consultants on SAP SNC as well to offer our customers an option to work with a specialized service provider that has extensive experience in this area already and yet stay within an SAP footprint. With this investment Quyntess is in a leading position compared to providers of SAP consultancy that mainly focus on the internal processes in the organization. We believe to be the first in Europe to have made this investment.

Quyntess has been requested to join the Development Team of LogiXperience on the basis of their experience with collaborative supply chain solutions and sustainability.

LogiXperience is an innovative project. As the name suggests an Experience Center will be created for the Logistics industry where providers, users and knowledge institutions meet, present and develop new supply chain solutions. LogiXperience will be co-hosted on the campus of the Logistics Top Institute in the Netherlands that is going to be created in Breda. LogiXperience will host special theme events, provide a permanent demo facility center for integrated logistics and facilities to run test labs for applied supply chain technology between practitioners, solution providers, knowledge institutions and students. See www.logixperience.com for more information.

Having achieved a leading position as Europe’s largest Hosted Integration Service Provider (source Gartner, Jan 2006) based on the success serving the central European markets, Indatex SCI has attracted additional financial involvement of Mr Dietmar Hopp (major shareholder and Co-founder of SAP) to spurr the company’s ambitions to become the European leader for Supply Chain Integration Services. As a consequence of this mission the company is changing its name to crossgate AG. This name symbolizes the mission of the company: To provide a single electronic gateway for all companies across message formats and communication channelsto their business partners.

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