Quyntess provides Supply Chain Collaboration and Integration solutions for different industries. The supply chain collaboration processes themselves are a key consideration, however we are also well aware of the industry-specific context in which our customers operate. Every industry or business has specific characteristics, business cycles, vulnerabilities and strategies. As these factors shape collaboration in the supply chain, our projects are managed by business consultants rather than application consultants. Therefore our strategy is to understand the business first before aligning supply chain collaboration to suit. This approach has led to our investment in Industry Templates, which also incorporate best practices. Furthermore, we encourage cross-fertilization of best practices in SCM collaborations between industries in order to achieve continuous improvement.

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We have consciously chosen to focus on a limited number of issues here, however our capabilities are almost limitless. If your organization faces challenges that are not adequately addressed in our examples, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail with your specific questions.