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Tijdens expertise sessie E11 (15:25-16:05) op het jaarlijkse congres van Nederlandse SAP gebruikers (VNSG) laat Quyntess één van haar internationale klanten, MAN Truck & Bus, aan het woord die haar integratiestrategie voor end-to-end supply chain processen zal toelichten. Een case study dus in een build-to-order, JIT gedreven, automotive toeleveringsketen.

Control Tower Expert Workshop on September, 15th at the Automotive Campus in Helmond

On Tuesday September, 15th Quyntess invites you to participate in an afternoon workshop. We welcome practitioners working in supply chain management, procurement and logistics like yourself. This expert workshop is designed around hands-on sessions in small groups with professional peers from other companies to stimulate cross fertilization of ideas on the focus topic. Discretion and confidentiality are ensured. Spend Matters’ Gert van der Heijden is an insider and will act as a chairman for the event, challenging as well as bringing together individual contributions.

Quyntess and Tradeshift invite you to this exclusive afternoon event. Exclusively for those Executives working with supply chains. This forum will offer the chance to network with professional peers in an intermediate environment. A chance to hear from industry experts; get your questions answered; and offer your own perspective on managing supply chains.

Technology has always played a critical role in the business world, particularly in supply chain management. Traditional enterprise software did a good job enabling automation and control of internal records and processes like administration, planning and inventory control.

DE TOEKOMST VAN FACTURATIE is HIER - 100% GRATIS voor leveranciers

Op donderdag 9 april aanstaande zal Quyntess samen met haar partner Tradeshift deelnemen aan het Factuurcongres 2015. Het Factuurcongres is het grootste evenement rondom e-factureren en factuurautomatisering in de Benelux, dat georganiseerd wordt door Heliview Conference.


Join the webinar on 5th of March and learn more about the benefits of a hybrid B2B integration platform!

Economic trends such as mergers and acquisitions, offshoring, outsourcing, changes in supplier & customer behaviour, speed of technology innovations etc. are re-shaping supply chain management and technology landscapes tremendously. One has to cope with a wide variety of different processes, applications, systems and platforms. Think about establishing hundreds of connections to exchange data electronically with customers, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, production plants, distribution centers, carriers, customs agents and many more supply chain stakeholders. On the other side, mergers and acquisitions result in siloed infrastructures between the various business units itself, making it hard for each entity to exchange the same data with the same supply chain stakeholders.