It’s a little over three years since a global pandemic tipped supply chains into turmoil. From lockdowns to bullwhips, spiraling inflation to a cost-of-living crisis disruption has been coming in waves, leaving many of us wondering what fresh challenges might be around the corner. 

On June 1st 2023, experts from Quyntess and our partners Tradeshift joined special guests from AdyenProject44, and TransExecutive in Rotterdam to discuss the vital role that technology will play in helping businesses embed resilience and agility into their supply chains. 

Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health analyzes anonymized world trade data flowing across their platform to reveal a timely perspective of how external events are impacting business-to-business commerce around the world. In the Q4 2022 edition, our CEO Rob van Ipenburg, had the honor to participate by giving his perspective on why orders are dropping across supply chains and why he expects digitalization projects to accelerate this year. Read the full interview here:

Quyntess opted for an integrated connector with project44, the largest global network for order-level transportation visibility, to help consignors optimize their collaboration processes with carriers, forwarders, shippers, and other supply chain partners. By integrating its Supply Chain Management Apps to the project44 platform with this API connector, Quyntess extends its offering with real-time collaboration for the full shipment lifecycle, in-transit visibility for any transportation mode, and full workflow automation capabilities for transport orders and ASNs directly derived from purchase orders between consignors and consignees.

Het nieuwe Rotterdamse fintech label Q-Card stelt bedrijven in staat om hun werknemers via een uniforme betaaloplossing virtuele betaalkaarten aan te laten vragen. De intuïtieve aanvraagprocedure via de Q-Card app geeft bedrijven de flexibiliteit om aangepaste budgetten en goedkeuringsregels per type gebruiker in te stellen voor de aankopen van producten en diensten. Voor iedere aankoop wordt een éénmalige gelimiteerde card verstrekt. Deze virtuele Q-Cards zijn volwaardige Mastercards, vergelijkbaar met een fysieke creditcard die ook voorzien is van een kaartnummer, geldigheidsdatum, CVC en verificatie code. De app zal zorgen voor een veilige en transparante cashflow door online aankopen direct te koppelen aan transacties, de vastlegging van uitgavengegevens met gedetailleerde rapportages en een naadloze integratie met elk gewenst boekhoudpakket.

While supply chains develop as broader agile global networks, and VMI aims to consolidate and further expand on its market leadership, a digital supply chain strategy has been proactively set out to support future success.

Quyntess has been selected by Vanderlande Industries as its partner for digital supplier collaboration. Both companies aim for a long-term partnership in which Quyntess’s modular solution, based on the global Tradeshift business network, will enable Vanderlande to digitize its procurement, supply chain and finance processes on a global scale.