Companies today compete in an environment of rapidly expanding supply chains, in which crucial B2B transactions are moving on a fast pace. Their operating efficiency depends strongly on successful communication and collaboration between all of the participating supply chain stakeholders, regardless of whether they are small or large suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers, wholesalers or customers. This globalization trend increases volatility and complexity across supply chains, creating a diverse landscape of trading partners, all operating from their own different back-end systems and collaboration processes.

Quyntess Business Network Services fully enables B2B collaboration and integration, covering full end-to-end Supply Chain processes. Our Supply Chain Collaboration services can help you to optimize business processes in order to enhance real-time visibility and manage exceptions across complex supply chains. These solutions are flexible and provide full coverage for both inbound and outbound processes in the area of Procure to Pay, e-Logistics and Order to Cash.

Quyntess Interchange Services (QiS) include extendible on-demand solutions based on the "any to any" principle to allow integration and collaboration within any industry supply chain across the globe. Our solutions portfolio incorporates innovative Supply Chain Integration technology, such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Web-EDI Integration, B2B Integration, and Electronic Invoicing. This integration layer allows Quyntess to set up fast and reliable B2B connectivity between companies, based on flexible plug-and-play technology, easy subscription models and fast migration and implementation services.