Order to Cash

Do you experience any of the following in your current order to cash process?

  • High percentage of orders with incomplete information.
  • Incapability to track, manage and react quickly to order changes.
  • Lost sales due to limited information over inventory allocation level.
  • High inventory levels due to unpredictable customer ordering patterns.
  • Inability to extend current order to cash processes.
  • Inaccurate KPI monitoring in relation to key trading partners.
  • Slow billing processes causing high Days Sales Outstanding rates.

Today's volatile economy continuously changes in reaction to unpredictable customer demand. Leading inevitably to an increasing need for efficient and responsive supply chains in order to serve global consumer needs. Companies are looking for intelligent solutions that improve their real-time visibility and extend their ability to collaborate within their order to cash landscape. At the same time, cost-efficiency requirements that are more demanding than anything imposed in the past are forcing them to streamline both internal and external processes. Quyntess facilitates end-to-end supply chain collaboration through its flexible Order to Cash platform. This collaboration platform integrates seamlessly with your existing IT landscape and improves all of your processes, such as those for your sales team, order processing, inventory management, physical distribution, credit control and account receivable, within a framework of cross-functional dependencies. You can simplify the complexity of your order to cash processes by eliminating high maintenance costs of non-automated processes and single point-to-point connections.

Order to cash

Advantages of our Order to Cash collaboration platform:

  • End-to-end visibility throughout the complete order to cash process.
  • Reduced costs due to fully integrated management process workflows.
  • Real time KPI monitoring of key suppliers, carriers and customers.
  • Ability to manage exceptions and changes beyond corporate boundaries immediately.
  • Flexible on-demand subscription model: no software, no up-front investment.
  • Fast roll-out and adoption with our best practices and templates out of the box.
  • Platform as a Service: secure, available and always updated with the latest version.
  • Fully branded to your company's look and feel: your Order to Cash platform!

Order to cash processes: Quyntess simplifies

Quyntess offers full implementation, roll-out and maintenance services to help you streamline the operational processes in your existing order to cash cycle. We help you to accelerate B2B automation and achieve fast adoption throughout your entire supply chain in just a few weeks. Our Order to Cash Platform offers seamless integration via flexible on-demand EDI connections and web-EDI functionality: an effective solution that enables you to connect with any type of customer anywhere, regardless of their business volume and technical capabilities. You improve your operational excellence by avoiding having to create duplicate, expensive and/or complicated connections in your current business-to-business collaboration network.

Our recent order to cash collaboration projects have all been implemented for customers that compete withing some of the world's most complex and volatile supply chains. Our mission is to increase their competitive strength by implementing innovative and flexible supply chain collaboration solutions. Would you like to find out how our collaboration platform can improve your order to cash process? And how we can implement this platform without affecting the existing processes in your ERP system? Visit our download section or contact one of our consultants.