Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or logistic service provider, Quyntess supports your collaboration processes in the areas of transportation, warehousing and logistics via a single platform. If you are a shipper or forwarder, you will probably define this as Shipment Collaboration. If you are a logistic service provider working for many different parties, you are more likely to describe this approach as a transport control tower. Basically, this is a bi-directional collaboration process that involves multiple parties. What could be more logical than managing all of these requirements on a single platform within a single workspace, in order to achieve seamless Shipment integration and collaboration? Instead of trying to replicate the same process with each partner within your internal system, we believe there is a much better way to reach effective collaboration within your logistic processes.

Shipment Collaboration throughout your supply chain:

Quyntess offers a readily available Shipment Collaboration platform, which decouples your internal processes and systems from the complexities of the external supply chain landscape. Our e-logictics collaboration platform fully automates all incoming manual messages and seamlessly integrates with any ERP system. This allows you to dynamically manage many supply chain partners with different business volumes and technical capabilities. Additionally, you can increase real-time supply chain visibility beyond your corporate boundaries by capturing all accurate process information in one single interface for Capacity Management, Transport Order Management, Track and Trace, Customs and Document Handling and electronic invoicing. Eliminate costly, time consuming and complex point-to-point connections that also withdraws you from global adoption and roll-out of automated carrier collaboration processes. Our Shipment Collaboration solution enables you to fully deploy your current resources and minimize future investments with flexible on-demand cloud technology.


Shipment Collaboration benefits of our Platform:

  • Reduced costs with fully integrated workflow and business process management.
  • One single channel for Web, Mobile and EDI and form-based collaboration.
  • Accurate KPIs and SLAs: Single Version of the Truth with shared and verifiable data.
  • Shipment Collaboration through secure, highly available and up-to-date managed services.
  • Manage exceptions and changes beyond corporate boundaries immediately.
  • Fully branded to reflect your company's look and feel: your Shipment Collaboration platform!

Quyntess simplifies Shipment Collaboration by:

  • Streamlining the collaboration process between yourself and all of your supply chain partners: supporting supply chain collaboration with your suppliers, customers and logistic partners.
  • Providing seamless collaboration and integration via on-demand EDI connections to EDI-capable partners and Shipment Collaboration platform for non-EDI partners.
  • Providing an on-demand subscription model with subscription-based pricing - no software, no up-front investment, scalable and reliable.
  • Easy adoption and fast roll-out achieved by connecting your key business partners to our Shipment Collaboration platform in a matter of weeks.

Would you like to see for yourself how you can improve supply chain visibility with Shipment Collaboration? Do you face demands that your current systems do not support as standard? Would you like more information on implementing this Shipment Collaboration platform in conjunction with your current back-office processes? Visit our download section or contact one of our consultants.