Enable the QiS (360° EDI) App on the Tradeshift platform

As a user of the Tradeshift platform, you collaborate with many business partners in a flexible and efficient way. To maximize the benefits, the goal is to connect as many business partners as possible to increase the level of e-procurement and to make your supply chain even more digital.

When inviting business partners to connect, sooner or later you will encounter the request of installing a ‘system-to-system’ data exchange mechanism. Increased transaction volumes may lead to the fact that manual interaction is no longer desired, to gain more efficiency on both sides and to further increase data quality. In this case, full-EDI capabilities are an interesting add-on helping you to meet your digital goals. But what about the flexibility you lose when you turn platform use into ‘full’ EDI? What about transaction visibility and the efficiency related to exception management?

QiS (360° EDI) offers you the best of both worlds!

Quyntess promises plug & play of your Supply Chain collaboration & integration on the Tradeshift platform. If you are representing a distributor or a manufacturing organization and you want to start using the QiS (360° EDI) functionalities within your business network please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will gladly help you to enable the QiS functionality, which stands for Quyntess Interchange Services, and facilitate the required B2B integration with your Enterprise Rescource Planning (ERP) system(s), your warehouse management system(s) and your transportation management system(s).

Call  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or leave your details via Contact Form  and we will contact you to enable the QiS (360° EDI) app for a seamless supply chain integration.

In this era of ever expanding boundaries, businesses face the daunting task of collaborating with hundreds or even thousands of business partners across the globe. With each partner having their own processes and systems, it comes down to the question: "How can we efficiently collaborate?".

Enabling a Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Network


The Tradeshift platform is a Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Network platform that helps companies run their business more efficiently, using cloud-based technology to improve collaboration processes (i.e. order-, logistics-, forecast- and invoice collaboration).

In order to fully enable seamless Supply Chain Collaboration within your business, Quyntess has developed supply chain management software (SCM apps) on the Tradeshift platform to allow you to connect to your partners on the platform and integration mechanism of their choice.

Connectivity and exchange between ERP-systems is the key: Connect to your partners on the platform and integrate in standards of their choice and do not force them to adapt to yours, or yet another mandatory platform that is not suitable for them.

QiS offers 360° EDI communication across the extended partner network. 

Delivering Supply Chain Integration on demand

As a specialist in flexible business-to-business collaboration and integration, Quyntess provides advanced, ready-to-use functionality on the adaptable Tradeshift platform. QiS (360° EDI) is a cloud-based service that enables buyer systems and suppliers to connect fast and easily by translating order & response, ASN's, invoices through web AND full-EDI, which we like to call ‘hybrid’ EDI.

QiS the hybrid aspect

Quyntess has developed these advanced and scalable SCM Apps in order to help organizations strike a suitable balance between costs and benefits. This approach enables companies to move beyond an operational silo, when business systems don't interact with each other, and accomplish a seamlessly integrated supply chain network to connect any processes and technologies involved within the entire supply chain, may it be related to supplier collaboration, logistics or customer collaboration.

What are your key benefits?

Our Quyntess Supply Chain management software is now available in the Tradeshift App store to offer you a closed loop P2P collaboration process. Our SCM software helps as on-demand cloud service for processes such as: 

  • Full B2B automation.
  • Connect once. connect all
  • Pay per use.
  • Managed service.
  • Strong SLA.
  • Scalable infrastructure.
  • Industry best practices.
  • Foundation for end-to-end supply chain collaboration. 

Interested in a roundtable discussion of our key users talking about the digital transformation of their Supply Chain benefitting from the QiS (360° EDI) capabilities:

Find our SCM apps in the Tradeshift App store

QT screenshot Tradeshift

Quyntess SCM apps are now available in the Tradeshift App store. Please take a look at the other Supply Chain Management apps besides Order Collaboration: 

Would you like to see for yourself how you can improve your supply chain collaboration & integration processes? Would you like more information on implementing our supply chain collaboration apps on the open Tradeshift platform? Download our supply chain management apps pdf brochure or contact one of our consultants.