Shipment Collaboration on a Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Network

Quyntess promises plug & play of our Supply Chain Collaboration apps on the Tradeshift platform and if you are a supplier and you want to collaborate on shipment information towards your customers and LSP's with our Shipment Collaboration app please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will gladly help you to enable the Shipment Collaboration functionality on the Tradeshift platform and facilitate, if applicable, the required integration with your back-end system.

Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or leave your details via Contact Form and we will contact you to enable Shipment Collaboration for supplying organizations.

Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or logistic service provider. Quyntess supports your collaboration processes in the areas of transportation, warehousing and logistics via apps on a single platform. If you are a shipper or forwarder, you will probably define above process as Shipment Collaboration.

Enabling Network Powered Shipment Collaboration

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The Tradeshift platform is a global business-to-business platform that helps companies run their business more efficiently, using cloud based technology to improve collaboration processes (i.e. order-, logistics-, forecast- and invoice collaboration).

What could be more logical than managing all of these processes on a single platform within a single workspace, in order to achieve seamless Shipment Collaboration integration and collaboration based on Order & Forecast Collaboraiton?

Instead of trying to replicate the same type of process with each partner within your own back-end system, we have already successfully proven that there is a much better way to reach effective collaboration within your logistic processes. Our Shipment Collaboration app enables you to fully deploy your current resources and minimize future investments with flexible on-demand cloud solutions.

Delivering Supply Chain Collaboration on demand

As a specialist in flexible business-to-business collaboration and integration solutions, Quyntess provides advanced, ready-to-use functionality on the adaptable Tradeshift collaboration platform that enables companies to connect, manage and control crucial (future) supply chain processes and business transactions.

Quyntess has developed these advanced and scalable SCM solutions in order to help organizations strike a suitable balance between service costs and service benefits. This approach enables companies to move beyond a silo-based approach and accomplish a seamlessly integrated supply chain network to connect any processes and technologies involved within the entire supply chain, may it be related to supplier collaboration, logistics, or customer collaboration.

Embedded intelligence for improved logistics 

The Shipment Collaboration app can reuse the data that has been captured before. With its advanced machine learning technology, it can for instance help you to determine preferred carriers for certain commodities, routes, and dimensions based on historical data. 


QT screenshot Tradeshift

Quyntess SCM apps are now available in the Tradeshift App store. Please take a look at the other Supply Chain Management apps besides Shipment Collaboration: 

What are your key benefits?

Our Quyntess Supply Chain management software is now available in the Tradeshift App store to offer you a closed loop P2P collaboration process. Our SCM software helps you to extend electronic collaboration for processes such as: 

  • Closed-loop Supply Chain collaboration as a result of a P2P automated process for both direct and indirect spend.
  • Reduce complexity in internal and external processes.
  • Hybrid data exchange: allow a mix of supplier format EDI, platform-based apps, file upload and/or scan.
  • Supplier onboarding as a service to enable fast adoption and roll-out.
  • No supplier fees.
  • Best in class user experience with value-adding apps for suppliers.
  • Standardized and mutually agreed process flow for all (future) supply chain partners.
  • Leverage power of open standard-based integration for both process and data. 

Would you like to see for yourself how you can improve your supply chain collaboration processes? Would you like more information on implementing our supply chain collaboration apps on the open Tradeshift platform? Download our supply chain management apps brochure or contact one of our consultants.